Monitoring the Airflow PostgreSQL database using Prometheus and Grafana. And if you are patient, I’ll show you how to use the Prometheus node-exporter :-)

I want to monitor my home Airflow installation, to see if the performance is good enough. I want to fine tune how much resources is using, also want to see if the poor host where it runs is able to keep up.

This metrics will make sense if I store them in a time series database. With that I can visualize them and possibly generate some alerts using a Grafana board.

Monitoring the PostgresSQL database and the host where it runs seems to be straightforward using Prometheus, but Airflow exports the data on the statsd format, so it will need…

José Vicente Núñez

🇻🇪 🇺🇸, proud dad and husband, DevOps and sysadmin, recreational runner and geek.

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